CHAMP is delighted to announce that Dr. Ionna Katapidi will be with us in
AY 18-19. Dr. Katapidi is the first BRIDGE Fellow under the CHAMP collaboration with Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham (where she will spend AY 17-18). Dr. Katapidi studies the idea of heritage as a social construct which can be understood and interpreted through people’s perceptions. She explores the way in which residents and experts ‘construct’ heritage, the impact of conservation policies on these perceptions and the potential of these perceptions to develop more informed conservation policies, capable of contributing to economic and social sustainability. Her research ethnographically illuminates the often abstract concepts of heritage values, place identity and their role in place making.

HELAINE SILVERMAN (Professor, Anthropology; Director, CHAMP) has won the
university’s International Achievement Award this year.

LAILA HUSSEIN MOUSTAFA (Library) has been made a Member of the International Advisory Panel of the Endangered Archives Programme of the British Library. She also recently published From Peshawar to Kabul: Preserving  Afghanistan’s Cultural Heritage during Wartime in RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Cultural Heritage. 17(2): 134-147. 2016.