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David O’Brien (Art History)
Memories and Heritage of Napoleon in 19th-Century French Material Culture

Lynne Dearborn (Architecture)
Homeland, Diaspora, Dwelling: Community Development Influences on Hmong Cultural Heritage and the Sociospatial Patterns of Settlement

Christopher Fennell (Anthropology)
Journal of African Diaspora Archaeology and Heritage (founding editor)
Archaeology of Edgefield, South Carolina Pottery Communities
Tradition and Modernity on Great Blasket Island, Ireland
Historical Landscapes of New Philadelphia, Illinois
Brooklyn, Illinois Archaeology and Heritage Project

Laila Hussein Moustafa (Library)
Heritage Protection in the Middle East in a Time of War

Alice Novak (Urban and Regional Planning)
Historic District Nomination to the National Register of Historic Places for Downtown Urbana

Paul H. Kapp (Architecture)
Natchez and the Creation of the Old South
The Mythic Mississippi (co-PI with Helaine Silverman)

Robert Pahre (Political Science)
Politics of U.S. National Parks

Helaine Silverman (Anthropology)
Mining Heritage in Durham, England 
(with Andreas Pantazatos, Durham U.)
The Mythic Mississippi
(co-PI with Paul H. Kapp and Devin Hunter)
“Multidisciplinary Perspectives in Archaeological Heritage 

     (Springer book series, co-editor)
“Heritage, Tourism and Community” (Routledge book series, co-editor)

Mike Twidale (ischool)
Digital Heritage and Museum Informatics

Patricia Miller (CHAMP affiliate, Executive Director, Illinois Heritage Association)
Crossroads: Change in Rural America. A Museum on Main Street Traveling Exhibition

a collaboration of CHAMP with the Critical Heritage Studies Network at Stockholm University and Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at University of Birmingham