CHAMP and the Public History Program at the University of Illinois-Springfield are now collaborating around CHAMP’s new signature project, “The Mythic Mississippi.” This collaboration will produce joint research and teaching activities  across downstate Illinois and in Springfield itself.

CHAMP has a strategic international partnership with the Ironbridge International Institute for Cultural Heritage at the University of Birmingham (UK). This relationship includes frequent faculty lecture visits in both directions, the organization of international conferences on different heritage themes (most recently, “Trans-Atlantic Dialogues on Cultural Heritage” and “Heritages of Migration”) and joint publications (such as Encounters with Popular Pasts. Cultural Heritage and Popular Culture, published by Springer in 2015).

CHAMP also collaborates with the Critical Heritage Studies Network at Stockholm University, Sweden. Faculty visit each other’s schools to lecture and participate in co-organized international conferences, including “Heritage of Death“, which was held in Stockholm and a volume from which is about to be published by Routledge (due: Fall 2017).

CHAMP, IIICH and CHSN are now triangulating under the broad, interdisciplinary research theme of “DARK MATTERS.

CHAMP is developing a collaboration with the Durham University (UK) Centre for Ethics of Cultural Heritageunder its co-Director, Dr. Andreas Pantazatos, a CHAMP research associate.

CHAMP is a founding partner of the UNESCO Center for Global Citizenship.