CHAMP Director


Dr. Helaine Silverman

Helaine Silverman is Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. She holds additional appointments in the Department of Landscape Architecture, Program in Art History, Department of Sport, Recreation and Tourism, and the Campus Honors Program. She is interested in the production of national and local identities around appropriations and representations of the past as these intersect with cultural memory, tourism, globalization, urbanism and built environment, and nation branding. She recently finished a project on "the new Inca city of Cuzco, Peru" and hopes to conduct a comparative project in Asia. Among her recent publications in the areas of CHAMP's concern are Archaeological Site Museums in Latin America (University Press of Florida, 2006), "Mayor Daniel Estrada and the Plaza de Armas of Cuzco, Peru" (Heritage Management 1(2):181-218 [2008]), "Cultural Resource Management and Heritage Stewardship in Peru" (CRM: The Journal of Heritage Stewardship 3(2):57-72 [2006]), "Embodied Heritage, Identity Politics and Tourism" (Anthropology and Humanism 30(2):141-155 [2005]), and "Touring Ancient Times" (American Anthropologist 104(3):881-902 [2002]). She is editor of Left Coast Press's interdisciplinary book series called "Heritage, Tourism and Community." Dr. Silverman is an International Member of the International Council on Monuments and Sites-ICOMOS, an Expert Member of the ICOMOS-International Committee on Archaeological Heritage Management (ICAHM), and an Associate Member of the ICOMOS-International Cultural Tourism Committee.

Helaine on Mandalay Hill